Student Pledge

Student Pledge Certificate (Click link to view pledge)

Becoming a consumer educated voter is easier than you think. It requires that students participate in an online classroom. It also takes a commitment to practice F.A.I.T.H. which means being fair, accepting, insightful, transparent, and humble in your relationships with others. It takes creating “cloud money” with a pledge of $30 to a youth-based political campaign. It takes understanding the value of a merit.

For our inaugural classroom of 500 youth citizens, the campaign is complete when all 499 supporters for each teen have been delivered a campaign t-shirt. No other teen groups will start until the framework for Oligopoly is complete. This means the establishment of a 250,000 member caucus by our 500 founding members of Future Youth Nation.

Citizens simply seek out those individuals who believe providing quality education and healthcare to our children is a birth right. Support only leaders who support this Purpose Party ideal.