Become a Shareholder

Future Youth Nation (FYN) is a Delaware based Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) with 1725 possible shareholders. The primary responsibility of each shareholder is to establish and support a Youth Cooperative Institute, named Teenchanger. As a shareholder, it is important to recognize the value and purpose of “Cookie Jar Economics” as a tool for education and change. The five core principles of this economic system are as follows:

Here are the basic principles:
1. Always put more money into the bank than you borrow
2. Always capture and store the human-value of an exchange
3. Learn to work without bosses
4. Create a sharing economy
5. Allocate enterprise profits on a 50% individual/ 40% group healthcare/ 10% enterprise split 
Core Values:
True change comes from teaching our youth something different, and then allowing students to apply what they learn without the fear of penalty.
  • Creating value must involve capturing the human-exchange of goods and services
  • Children should be removed from the constraints and regulations of money
  • Adults must shoulder the burdens and costs of raising money for education
  • Merits must reflect the cooperative knowledge and application of Cookie Jar Economics

Change our lesson plan

Cookie Jar Mechanics:


Cookie Jar Economics” uses the business model of the Bank for International Settlements ( Future Youth Nation (FYN) shareholders represent the depository members of this storied bank. It is through this FYN organization that the mechanics of funding youth enterprise cooperative education are exercised. The by-product of this operation is a value called a “merit”.  


FYN assets are created by shareholder contributions and supporter pledges. Fundraising products and services are produced and distributed by secured collateral loans based upon a 70% (LTV) loan-to-value ratio. These products and services are exclusively distributed through the Teenchanger organization. Under the guidelines of a worker cooperative, students manage this merit-based enterprise. Merits are the profits captured and stored for the future benefit of our cooperative student members. Merits are allocated for individual, group, and enterprise benefits. Merits are benefits, not money.


Merits enter the self-liquidating cooperative model established by the Teenchanger operating agreement. Redemption is the process for converting merit-value into a monetary incentive. It is similar to airline miles or cash-back reward systems based on consumer participation. There is an established lifetime or expiration for every merit issued. Merits are designed to be a student financial lesson about value.


Becoming a Shareholder:


There is a maximum of 1725 FYN shares authorized. No single entity, group or individual may control more than a single share. A single share, single vote policy is in place. People, not money, will remain the guiding force to this FYN PBC. The intent and purpose for FYN shareholder involvement shall remain that of championing “Cookie Jar Economics” education.


If you are interested in becoming a Future Youth Nation (FYN) shareholder, apply here. Congratulations on your decision to support cooperative education.