Citizenship Classroom

Welcome to a virtual classroom of ideas and concepts. Through “Vaulting”, our students receive practical lessons in civic responsibilities and economics. The primary purpose of this adventure is to showcase the “human value” of an exchange of goods and services. Therefore, we intend to focus on mentoring middle and high school aged students.

We utilize two prominent online resources for education.  Khan Academy  provides the virtual classroom for American Civics. Students are asked to register for the W3JSSE class. The purpose of this class is to explain the basics of how our government works. It becomes an important factor in understanding how changes can be made to improve their lives. 

The second online resource is that of the Lifesmarts Program. Consumer education is a valuable tool for developing successful youth enterprises. Course competition provides for the brightest and most diligent students to become role-models or leaders of Future Youth Nation. Find FYNcoach and join the team. 

Voting becomes the single most important step in learning how to apply lessons in education and enterprise. Leadership becomes a matter of practice not theory.  

Mentors utilize both Platform Revolution by Geoffrey Parker and Holacracy by Brian Robertson as teacher’s guides. These two books are the foundation for teaching our children how to capture and control something called “reputation capital” and put it to work within an organization with no bosses. A third book by Andy Stanley called Visioneering is the framework for capturing and storing youth hopes and dreams.

This game embodies a concept of developing independent acting students within a team environment. Much like your heart does not need permission from your brain to beat. Nor do your eyes ask your stomach permission to see. Each organism understands their roles and responsibilities within a body at work. The spirit of our youth enterprise remains providing quality education and healthcare.