Merit-based Youth Enterprise

A new exchange game called “Vaulting” has been developed. It seeks to involve middle and high school students willing to tryout the merit-based youth enterprise game. Students will earn merits, like airline miles, for participating. This game creates a merit-based youth enterprise.

The Vaulting game involves developing our first generation of “consumer-educated voters”. It begins with having students show adult sponsors how the profits from any game fundraising activities can be stored directly to support teen education and healthcare. Students also learn to teach adults how to turn a bank loan into an asset (rather than a debt). Something most parents don’t know how to do.

Students create a Future Youth Nation. When our youth are taught a purpose-driven life filled with civic responsibility and an enterprise mindset, we have the cornerstone for change. To change the future requires, as parents, we do just two things.

First we must change what we teach our children. Secondly, we must have our youth apply what they learn without the fear of penalty. Practical learning is the process of trial and error. Errors are overcome by practicing F.A.I.T.H. within an educational “team” environment.

F.A.I.T.H. requires that individuals are fair, accepting, insightful, transparent, and humble in their relationships with others. It is the “Golden Rule” type of legal system for playing the game. Those who fail to live by these standards are voted out by other players. Players who violate the core values of the game will keep their (parents) stored money but lose all earned merits.

As mentioned, merits are the stored profits from all game fundraising activities that directly support teen education and healthcare initiatives. One key financial trick being taught is how to turn a bank loan into an asset (rather than a debt). This is the cornerstone for understanding how money works.

Platform Revolution by Geoffrey Parker and Holacracy by Brian Robertson become the reference books for building this merit-based youth enterprise. Learn firsthand how to inspire, collateralize, mechanize, allocate, and redeem merit-value. This exchange system is built by teens using blockchain technologies. Thus changing how we look at value, one “selfie” at-a-time.

Join the game. Future Youth Nation. We’re the bright tomorrow.